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I am still behind for my gross income goal for the year, but I am smooth proud of how much I trust made. I've made as much in the first six months of 2012 as I did the entire year of 2011. Well, almost (94%!). Granted, I did not work as most in 2011 (I took an entire month off to stab to Paris, France), my largest opener of income was a trifling grad student stipend, again the blog made $0. over I am a salaried full-time employee besides blogging/freelance writing has earned a few thousand of dollars in the beginning of 2012. I would still like to make 100% of my increase goal for 2012, but we will mull over how the second half of the year goes. horizontal if I can push myself to obtain 90% of my mission I will be ultra pleased. You can help images within your articles to help explain things easier, whilst production them more visually appealing to your readers. Having large amounts of text can steward tame and off putting, so by adding a simple image, this obligatoriness help attract more readers.