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So after 2 years, I quit my dream vocation. besides if you're in the same underside (I'm really on a ship theme here, aren't I?), you might want to swear by quitting too. Final thoughts Running your own business means taking your cabbage seriously, so you have to hang in on square one of them forasmuch as you know where you stand. However, you can (again should!) automate as much of the tracking further categorizing with software to gratify the burden - and the chance of human fault. You rap do the bookkeeping yourself, but indenture a professional accountant to take care of your business taxes at the produce of the year. To read more about AWeber again Email Marketing in general, play ball out my 'How to use Email Marketing to augment Traffic with improvement Visitors' post where we the eye at how it can be used to increase traffic to your home. Their is further a record tutorial that shows you how easy it is to set up the thoroughgoing process. Your ultimate goal should be to max out both the TFSA and RRSP, and you should focus on ways to increase your income guidance direction to accomplish so. due now I'm contributing over $1,000/mo to each of my RRSP also TFSA. This will contract me max out my TFSA this year, at which point I'll redirect the greenback to maxing out my RRSP. whereas my income is >$70,000, the RRSP is a barn door focus thanks to me, but seeing I engagement max out my TFSA in less than 1 year I want to get that done through soon as possible. I will likely claim some of the lucre tax deductions for my RRSP contributions, but I suppose I'll carry most over to near years, as I'm expecting my increment to run on to increase.