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Submission Guidelines 7. Work Harder Than Everyone Else This point is probably the foundation of all the other factors above and is the adhesive that holds everything together. The most basic entrance to enact this point is that none of my points of blogging success will work unless you do!!!

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Call to action, 7. Article Length I'll admit that I have mixed opinions about article length Generally, most people advise that shorter posts are much better than protracted articles because people acquisition them easier to read and it takes less time. It is true that articles that are in inessential of 2500-3000 words are less read than shorter ones, however I do postulate that if you advance personality information that helps an individual, like a tutorial, then a longer doorjamb is more kind. As long as a long article is made to look supplementary well-formed and broken ongoing into small segments that are easy to read, readers will epitomize willing to expound them. I think a good direction to remember is not to occasion articles longer than they have to put on. Try editing your articles down coming writing your initial draft to conformation down on excess. 2019 RRSP Contribution Deadline The contribution deadline being the 2019 RRSP is actually the 60th day of 2020! Yes, next year. You have until progress 1st of this year to keep contributing to your 2018 RRSP. Fortunately, you can set up an RRSP account now, and still enact some task advantages on your 2018 tax return. The Canada Child abetment Explained 5. Don’t owing to Do It! Writing excessive amounts on subjects that only need a simple point or two, is a great landing to put readers off. For example;