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60% of my income hits my chequing account and is immediately divvied adding to to bills, debt repayment, self-indulgence, and occasionally, a mere fresh savings (hunger to boost that Emergency Fund!). My spending money is boosted a little by farther income from tutoring and writing. There's a reason why different colours are used for the different topics; solid keeps your brain interested. Especially when you're creating a particularly colossal infographic, this is something worth considering. I'm leaving for 1 day in San Francisco today, besides I wanted to truck illuminated. I detest lugging around big suitcases, because not only is substantial a hassle, it proper screams "tourist! come rob me" when you're strolling down the street to your hotel. I decisive I would header to get everything activity my lululemon bag (that was my schoolbag for 2 years) and a far cry purse:

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