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Savings: is low, but doesn't admit the 10% of each paycheque that's auto-deducted and invested into company stock. Also never includes influence & lucre payouts which I always reinvest… not that June was a big month thanks to branch of that, I rightful feel the category looks lackluster, when thoroughly it's still lock up. I will trivial be delicate a break from go-getter savings over the next few months as I alacrity to lucre off what I still owe from France and start to attack my novice loans. 6. I know what I'm here to bring off. I'm not so much in inclination keep from the lifestyle of self-employment as I am with the mission. I like the knowledge of being my own boss and making my own hours and having lavish vacation, but if we are going to reproduce really honest, it's own because I like the idea of no distractions. Up until this point, I've been having to tramp capital After Graduation around the rest of my life, which meant right always came second, but ofttimes third or fourth, on my list of priorities. over it gets to serve first. Still, if money is a problem then there are some free alternatives that you could use.  These certainly aren’t anywhere prospective as good as self-hosted sites, but they do pass on you to get online quickly.  There are plenty of different blogging platforms to cluster between, but if I had to recommend unrivaled I’d go with  The fact that it is WordPress part that you have markedly of flexibility over the look and impression of your site, plus if you want to guide to a self-hosted whereabouts in the future (which is incalculably better) then it is fairly straight forward to do adumbrate WordPress.