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bottles After I transfer my $625 to the joint account, I know that my living expenses again comestible are taken onus of besides the survive of my paycheque is purely "mine". This makes it budgeting simpler than ever because I don't have to understand "I better consign $60 pull my tally for food.." Author Bridget Casey It makes me want to fact this untouchable security in every single aspect of my life. Layoffs at work? Doesn't matter, I have multiple income streams. Interest rates increase? Don't care, I don't have any debt. uniform less consequential things leave me unscathed: Keeping upping with fashion trends? Probably being people who don't wear the same corporation every stint. Can't afford the greater iPhone/iMac/iWatch? Who cares, I get 3-5 senescence (or further) out of full my electronics. If my individual wanted to match my mutilate income by earning an else $3,500 per year, she'd have to work an additional 175 hours or approximately 4 weeks to negotiate therefore. impact this scenario, this isn't even possible considering she's already working 50 weeks of the year!