Make Money While Playing: Video Games Aren't Only For Fun!

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This is fundamentally how interest and dividends work - small payments that eventually comprise augmenting to be enough to invest fix more stocks, that greenback more dividends, further since on. In diverse words, saving entirely starts to make its own little snowstorm that will snowflake itself, and debt is well the only one you have to diligently lengthen on jumping-off place of. If I hadn't gone strayed a paycheque in July to accommodate a pay calendar change at work, I would have reached 95% of my goal this while . Oh well! At least that won't be vitality in 2013. The bulk of my income came from my full-time salary, with some massed gravy from freelance writing and this blog. Very little came from passive income, which is the main source I want to increase considering the coming years.