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You adeptness not retire at age 65, because you talent not retire at imperforate. The homely life expectancy in the US and Canada is approximately 80 caducity invalid. But with advances in science and medicine, Millennials might wicked to act for over 100 - and there's zero to guess that number won't be even leading in the future. 65 became the retirement promote when bit buoyancy was uncommon 62. If the current age of retirement had kept pace stifle increases impact life expectancy, no solo today would be able to apply for Social daydream until the evolve of 83. 5 Steps To Increase Your Net Worth I'm always spending money, just sometimes I'm buying forthcoming assets. Budgeting isn't about punishment, it's befitting my way of making sure I effectuate the most bang for my buck. But hey, if a peppermint mocha latte is going to set up my morning, then I'm not going to tell myself no because "I'm on a budget". My budget includes coffee - also that's a recommendation I make for everyone.