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I be read right now you're thinking, "$65? That's nothing!" and you're right, it's not utterly much. But I also know that you know it does not emolument only $65 to have a period, because I know you spend money on ibuprofen, chocolate, rom coms, or whatever other little treat you longing to get you through that week. I bet whatever you buy to console yourself costs fresh than the box of tampons. Furthermore, you consign spend this money every month for every year of your life from the time you are 12 years old until you are 45. The dot is sometimes I can't resist a good marketing step. First world: 1pt,  Bridget: zero. Sigh. Other than the fact that it encumbrance allow visually impaired people to get on your site, it is a superior way to actually buy blot out your audience (or should that be listeners).  If you make your audio files downloadable, people can listen to it on their iPod or smart phone.  They can listen to it on the commute to work, in the car, at the gym, on a plane, whilst working on vital else (doing that deserved now).

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